Friday, 23 August 2013

Mini Confession #13 - Wish Upon A Star

Mini Confession #13
Wish Upon A Star
I admit .. I have many wishes .
I wish ..
To have distinctions for all my subjects in O Levels .
To score well in Prelims .
To be one of the Top students of the cohort / school .
I wish ..
My parents would stop criticising everything .
My parents could understand me better .
My parents could understand that it's critical period now and not yell at me for minute reasons .
My parents would stop insulting me .
I wish ..
School would be less stressful .
School would stop wasting time .
School would stop pushing people off the edge .
School would put less pressure on academics .
I wish ..
Life would be better .
Life would rewind .
Life would fast forward into the future .
Life would make it easier to live .
Live would make us feel less likely to suicide .
I wish ..
Stress didn't give me IBS .
Stress didn't give me Bipolar .
Stress didn't make me break down .
Stress didn't add up everyday .
I wish ..
People would stop changing .
People would stop criticising .
People would be more understanding .
People would stop spreading rumours .
People would stop gossiping .
People would stop changing themselves .
I wish ..
Rumours doesn't hurt .
Rumours didn't exist .
Rumours were told by fools .
I wish ..
The world would be peaceful .
There weren't any wars .
There weren't any natural disasters .
There weren't any riots .
I wish ..
History would focus more about Singapore .
History would not include wars and riots .
We could learn more about Singapore .
I wish ..
I'll understand life someday .
I'll stop feeling so bad .
I'll get better .
I'll be better appreciated .
I'll stop remembering the rumours .
I wish ..
Money isn't the root of problems .
Love would be made easier .
Life would be more relaxing .
Time didn't matter this much .

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