Friday, 19 July 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #14 - Gerwyn's Sweet 16

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #14
Gerwyn's Sweet 16
Yesterday , I finally turned 16 !
I decided to blog about it , and also take this opportunity to show you my precious collections :X
So .. My mum gave me a red-packet in the morning yesterday consisting of $40 ( I only opened in the afternoon ! ) which I donated $10 to one of the charity organisations that my friend helped to do flag day for :> Yesterday was also my school's Sports Fiesta , so two of my friends gave me an early present , and ..
IT OVERFLOWED MY TEDDY COLLECTION ! The present that they gave me was that cute Pooh Bear , and a phone-strap consisting of my name :> Teehee , POOH BEAR SAYS HI . The rest of the teddies there are bought by my boyfriend , except for the Panda which Lovely Items ( Blogshop on Facebook ) gave me & the two ribbon teddies that I bought in support for Daffodil Days ^^
Well , the rest of my friends were too busy preparing for Sports Fiesta ; and I didn't announce / allowed anyone to view my birthday in Facebook , so nobody really knew it was my birthday unless for a few close friends :X Also , one of them asked me why I didn't tell her ( she found out only after I decided to set it to Public ) ; and my reason is because I don't want people to wish me / get me presents just because Facebook told them my birthday . It's also a good way to find out who really remembered your birthday .. ^^
This is my mini-collection of notes / mini presents from teachers , friends and customers I've dealt with ^^ If any of you are reading this .. I still keep them ! They are all kept in a ziploc bag ( almost A4 sized ) and inside a folder :P
I went for a meal at Swensens with my friend after school , and I didn't take any " foodporn " because it's still the Fasting Month for Muslims ; so I don't really want to post any . I've been craving for Swensens for rather long , and .. my friend gave me a treat so , YAY ? XD
Anyways , I met with my boyfriend at night . And honestly , I thought he wouldn't be able to make it because of his busy work schedule . However , he still managed to come over ! I wore my dress that he bought for me ( teehee , advanced present ) and I was really glad that he was able to spend time with me ( I was rather upset because I was almost neglected yesterday X_X ) despite his schedule .
He managed to buy me a cake ( the first picture of this whole post ) and took neoprints with me !
The top photo are pictures taken last year , and the bottom was yesterday's neoprint :X Haha , there were ALL random poses yesterday T.T
Anyways , that was my day .. OHOH . He bought me a notebook from The Paper Stone too ! It has because I needed one for my A Math homework , and I previously only bought one for E Math as I didn't have enough money T.T I'm considering to buy something else from The Paper Stone as a present for him :X

I asked him to choose between the Turquoise & Pink polkadot notebook , and he chose the soldier-looking one .. which I already bought for E Math XD He " eenie-meenie " till he decided on the Turquoise one ^^ Oh well , don't judge my " selfie " with Pooh ; POOH BEAR SAYS BYEEEE !