Thursday, 25 July 2013

Food for Thought #12 - You snooze , you lose !

Food for Thought #12
You snooze , you lose !
What do you lose when you fall asleep ?
Well , you'll lose your troubles & problems ..
And also , you may probably lose weight too !
I'm down with a flu for this week , so I'm typing this on the bed .
Anyways , my English teacher went through the topic on SLEEP .
From dreams to nightmares , sleep cycles to DeJaVu , and he asked ..
" Do you have enough sleep ? "
My answer ? No .
The only time we can ever have enough rest is when we're sick ( like me right now X_X ) or when it's the holidays ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who wakes up late during holidays ! ) , and that's not even sufficient to us . Another reason that you'll have enough rest ? It's when you forgo your responsibilities of doing your homework / going to work ; not very possible eh ?
When we sleep , we forget about the problems and troubles that we have , at least for that few hours . However , do you know that sleep can actually aid in weight loss too ( stares with sparkling eyes ) ?
Referring to the image above , when you have enough sleep ; you will feel the " fullness " when you've eaten . When you have not enough sleep , you will tend to feel hungry ( and as a result , sleepy ! ) even after a meal . This means that you would still be looking for food ( most likely , junk food ) to " fill up " the empty space in your stomach , when it is already full .
Wouldn't post much about this , read up more about sleep ! But , don't read until you forgo your rest time ~