Friday, 26 July 2013

Inspire Me #2 - Lizzie Velásquez

Inspire Me #2
Lizzie Velásquez
Have you seen a video that has been going around in Facebook , titled " Lady Voted Ugliest On The Internet Gives A Remarkable Speech " ?
If you haven't , click on the video below .
This woman is known as Lizzie Velásquez .
She has been voted online as the " World's Ugliest Woman " , just because of the way she looks .
However , those people who insulted and bullied her probably didn't know that she had a rare condition .
The following information is from Wikipedia .
" She has 0% body fat , and has never weighed more than 27kg . Although she isn't anorexic , she is unable to gain weight & is required to eat many meals a day . Her daily energy intake of about 5000 kilocalories compares with the US average of 3770 . She is blind in her right eye which began to cloud over when she was 4 years old , and has limited vision in the other . She has a weak immune system but her condition is not terminal . "
She is known for speaking up against bullying , and being a motivational speaker .
Why did I choose to blog about her ?
I was scrolling along Facebook last night ( OMG I couldn't sleep ) , and I found many people sharing this video . So , I decided to click on the video and watched it . Maybe for people who first see her , she may not look like someone you would want to go near to . However , after watching her speeches and Youtube channel , you will soon realise that she is beautiful ; inside and out .
How many times in our lives have we allowed other people to define who we are ?
To me , many .
But if she is able to go through all of these despite her condition , and motivate herself so much ; why can't we ? She is now a motivational speaker , and she even wrote a book titled " Be Beautiful , Be You " .
To find out more about Lizzie Velásquez , you can visit the following sites :