Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Inspire Me #1 - Nick Vujicic

Inspire Me #1
Nick Vujicic
Have you ever thought about giving up at some point of your life ?
Meet Nick Vujicic , the man born without limbs .
What's so inspiring about him ?
I shall not tell you , and let you watch it for yourself .
The following video leads from part 1 to part 11 .
This man gives out motivational talks despite his own " disabilities " .
He gives encouragements to EVERYONE around him ; and I've noted some quotes from him .
" Life is worth living when you find purpose .

The power of encouragement , you can save a person's life .

Be the change you want to see , and you be that person and turn them around .
You have the choice to either uplift somebody or put someone down .
It doesn't matter how you look . "

I know this is categorised under " Giving Back " , but the talks that he give , does give back .
Those simple words that anyone else could've said , may have hurt someone to the point where they feel like DYING . That one sentence from someone can push someone over the edge .

You know what's the good news ?
Firstly , he wrote books ; and they are for sale on Attitude Is Altitude ( ) , DVDs and apparels are also up for sale .

Secondly , he is COMING TO SINGAPORE .
Date : 7 September 2013 , Saturda
Time : 7.30pm
Ticket Price : $20 ~ $158*
*excluding booking fee

More details can be found here :

I watched the video that I uploaded above , and it made me cry .
If you think you need motivation / someone to push you further in life , watch him .
The following is a music video of " Something More " by Nick Vujicic .
I will never be able to understand how to live life without limbs ; and I would probably have given up before I even tried to get up . Look at him now , he's married & has a child .
" Never ever give up . "
- Nick Vujicic