Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mini Confession #7 - I don't mean it !

Mini Confession #7
I don't mean it !

This post is done because I'm just feeling like blogging .
And also , I think I can use this to apologise , as well as to show others something about girls .

If I ever been mean to you , or " not my usual self " ; I apologise !
95% of the time , I don't mean it X_X
I HOPE that I would be able to speak the minds of some girls out there ..
And , to let guys better understand your girl / friends .

I can't tell you SPECIFICALLY what girls go through , neither can I represent ALL girls . This post is only from MY perspective , and how I see things .

If a girl has SERIOUS PMS ( like me ) , being around her / dating her can be a trainwreck .
I'm not sure about other girls , but this is what I go through every month .
I could be all happy and carefree today , then sobbing about some random thought tomorrow .
I could be feeling like a relationship / friendship is about to end today , then feeling loved the next day .
I could be feeling worthless today , then feeling beautiful tomorrow .

This , is probably what it looks like .

I tend to get very emotional sometimes , be it because of PMS or not .
If you are my Facebook friend , you may realise that I sometimes post loving updates / upsetting rants / emotional statuses / desperate things .
You may also realise that I sometimes delete posts and updates after some time .

Take my relationship for example .
I'm really sweet and all with my boyfriend these days , because I'm feeling really loved by him .
Just last week / the week before , we were on the verge of breaking up .
And yet , 10 minutes after we quarrelled ; we were back to sweet-texting each other .
Until now , I don't know what happened that day ; but I guess we understood each other , and he knows how I can get emotional sometimes .
Some time before this , I was getting emotional with my boyfriend ; about our future , our marriage , our children .

Some information taken from a website !

Premenstrual symptoms are a natural part of the menstrual cycle , affecting most women at some time during their lives. If your body doesn't react strongly to its monthly hormonal changes, you probably have mild premenstrual symptoms or none at all. But if you have one or more mild to moderate premenstrual symptoms that disrupt your work, relationships with others, or sense of well-being, you are said to have premenstrual syndrome (PMS) .
PMS symptoms vary greatly from woman to woman and cycle to cycle, and they can range from mild to severe. Some women note that their symptoms are worse during times of increased emotional or physical stress. Of the more than 150 symptoms that have been linked to PMS, the most common are listed below.

Physical symptoms include:
  • Breast swelling and tenderness.
  • Bloating , water retention, weight gain.
  • Changes in bowel habits.
  • Acne
  • Nipple discharge when nipples or breasts are pressed. (Any leakage that spontaneously happens when you aren't pressing on the nipple should be checked by a health professional.)
  • Food cravings, especially for sweet or salty foods.
  • Sleep pattern changes.
  • Fatigue, lack of energy.
  • Decreased sexual desire.
  • Pain. Common complaints include headache or migraines, breast tenderness, aching muscles and joints, or cramps and low back pain prior to menstrual bleeding.
Behavioral symptoms include:
  • Aggression.
  • Withdrawal from family and friends.
Emotional symptoms include:
  • Depression, sadness, hopelessness.
  • Anger, irritability.
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings.
  • Decreased alertness, inability to concentrate

Severe symptoms

If you have severe premenstrual mood swings, depression, irritability, or anxiety (with or without physical symptoms), you are said to have premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Symptoms generally subside within the first 3 days of menstrual bleeding. This severe type of PMS is not a common problem. It happens in only about 5 out of 100 women.Women with PMDD symptoms tend to report that they:
  • Have negative behavior and feelings of hopelessness.
  • Feel guilt and shame.
  • Feel they have lost control over their lives.
  • Believe they are mentally ill and fear the stigma of mental illness.
  • Have poor job performance or missed workdays during the premenstrual period.
  • Feel distanced from family and friends.

Premenstrual worsening of other conditions

You may notice that symptoms of other medical conditions get worse between ovulation and the first day of menstrual bleeding-this is called menstrual magnification. The conditions most affected are:
  • Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder,    schizophrenia, and eating disorders.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Migraine headaches.
  • Seizure disorders.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Asthma.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Allergies.
  • Anemia.
  • Thyroid disease.
I hope these information can help girls find out whether you have been PMS-ing , and for guys to understand what girls are going through when they are " not their usual self " . Also , if you find out that girls around you are PMS-ing , please DON'T irritate them ; for your own safety ><