Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #12 - Dream big .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #12
Dream big .

Everyone has their own dreams , and they will be different from someone else's .
Some dream for peace , happiness , love , freedom ..
While others dream for fame and fortune .  
I have my dreams too , and they change from time to time .
I would like to share my dreams here , cause who knows ; someday in the future , I may look back at this post and realise that I fufilled some of these dreams .

Let's start from the basics . I'm human too , and I do have dreams that are similar to yours .
I dream of being rich . I dream of being famous . I dream of standing on stage someday , and have people looking up to me . I dream of having people know my name . I dream of having that devilicious figure .

Time to dig up my thoughts from my heart ! I have feelings too :P
I dream of getting married , having children . I dream of being friends with enemies . I dream of having the forgiveness of people who I've let down . I dream of having a life where I don't have to hurt alone .

Dreams about the future ? Who doesn't have them .
I dream of having my own SUCCESSFUL business . I dream of somehow , helping some beneficiaries through my business . I dream of giving back to the society . I dream of red hair for Poly . I dream of my home , and my life in the future . I dream of not having health issues get in the way .

Short-term dreams ? How much simpler could it get .
I dream of doing well in O's . I dream of starting up Livejournal soon . I dream of hanging out with my friends . I dream of joining dance classes . I dream of going to the beach with my closest friends . I dream of being with the people I love the most on my birthday . I dream of a Sweet 16 .

Don't judge me based on my dreams , or what I type . At the same time , remember that we may sometimes have materialistic dreams . There is no shame / crime in having them , but we have to be humble and always remember what we have . We may have materialistic things that we want , but sometimes ; but others dream of having , can be something as simple as peace or having meals to eat .

I know of people dreaming to be magicians , singers , dancers , engineers , lawyers , doctors , designers , police officers etc .. And I dream of being an entrepreneur / singer / model someday . There is NOTHING WRONG in what we dream of becoming . Because , I witness people around me fufilling their dreams .

If you're still reading , this is my message to you . If you have a dream , DREAM BIG . Dream of being that famous chef with 5 Michelin Stars , that model which has a contract with Victoria Secret , that singer with a voice that is #1 Worldwide . If you want to dream , dream big ; don't care about who may get in your way . In fact , YOU are the only one standing inbetween you and your dreams .

Don't believe me ? I'm living proof , and I'm sure you would realise you are too . I've dreamt about being a model / singer / dancer / entrepreneur . Yes , I dream big ; but does that mean my dreams are ridiculous ? I've been approached by people to join the SAME Modelling Agency ( Yes , I heard about scams and all , but still ; they wouldn't approach random people right ? ) THRICE . I thought to myself , I've been dreaming about this . But yet , I told myself I'm not photogenic , I'm not thin , I'm not confident . So , I let myself get the better of me ; and threw that dream away in a corner . I seen singing competitions EVERYWHERE , I seen people get famous . But yet , I told myself I sound horrible , I can't sing , I will just humiliate myself . So , I convinced myself to push it aside . You get my point , I hope .

I have friends ( not just one ) that we share our dreams together . And sometimes , they tell me that they feel the same way . I mean , they feel they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH . No , I'm not some successful person , nor someone who been through hell and all . But , I've gone through a fair bit of obstacles too ; and I know how much SELF CONFIDENCE and DREAMING BIG can impact your life . 

My message to everyone : We all have dreams . Be it big or small , they carry that spark of hope in us . If someone tells you that you can't do it , prove them wrong . If you get in your own way , remind yourself that everyone , even you , can do it . Always be confident in yourself , but don't be over-confident . Find the balance between having self confidence and being humble ; I promise you that you will find life so much better . If you have troubles , always remember you have friends around you . And I'm always open to anyone who needs a listening ear :) Whether you know me or not , you could talk to me if you're troubled ^^ Facebook me , if you have my Facebook contact . Text me , if you have my number . Email me , my email is just at the side bar . We all have dreams , but we all need people to be there to cheer us on too ; nobody can do it alone .