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Slim & Fit #3 - Slimming Detox Plum / Prune

Slim & Fit #3
Slimming Detox Plum / Prune
Have you ever wanted to slim down naturally ?
Tried every possible way , but still can't seem to shed those extra weight ?
Want to cleanse the toxins in your body but not sure how to ?
If you answered YES to any of the above , read on !
If you answered NO to all of the above .. read on anyways :D


The similarity between the Detox Plum & Detox Prune :
- they help to control your weight
- detox your body
- soothes your intestines
The difference between the Detox Plum & Detox Prune :
- one is a plum , the other is a prune !


Direct Translation from the advertisements given above :
1 packet a day solves all issues about fat !
8 hours : Soothes the intestines , promotes detox
10 days : Cleanse your body , improves skin condition
30 days : Gets rid of oils , controls your weight , slims the waist and stomach

Authenticity : The ones with the seal are original , beware of other imitations .

The supplier is a registered license company with Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore ( AVA )

For the benefit of those who don't understand Chinese :
The video is stating why the Detox Plum works . It is made using 48 natural ingredients with advanced technology , which contains an PIC enzyme that helps to promote bowel movements . One plum is equivalent to running on the track for 2 hours as it contains HCA enzyme that stops fats from building up , which lets you eat whatever you want without getting fat . Why is it that eating Detox Plum works better than other fruits ? This is because other fruits may have high sugar levels , which will adversely make you fatter without noticing . Detox Plum includes an acid that helps burn fat , which takes up 98% of the plum , which is 30 times better than normal fruits .

For the benefit of those who don't understand Chinese :
I'm glad that I'm able to introduce Detox Plum today , as it is by far the safest way that can help everyone slim down ; and all it takes is just one plum a day . Why is the Detox Plum so effective ? The original ingredient is a plum imported from Thailand , which uses the latest technology that can incoperate active substances into the plum . This makes the plum naturally sweeter than it is originally . The HCA substance helps to prevent fats from building up , which can help to promote the burning of fats ; which eventually helps to cleanse your body of all the oils and unhealthy substances that have been trapped inside . Thus , you don't have to starve yourself or do anything special to your diet , and through a plum a day ; it helps to burn off your fats .

Slimming Secret , Detox Fiber Plum
Cheapest , Healthy , Easiest way to slim down ; recommended by celebrities .
Skin : Improves skin condition
Arms : Say Goodbye to flabby arms
Waist : Get the S figure back
Abdomen : No more belly
Butt : Firm and doesn't droop
Thighs : Improve flabbiness condition
100% Natural Ingredients
Lactobacillus :
- "Friendly" bacteria that normally live in our digestive , urinary and genital systems without causing disease
- Effective in treating and preventing diarrhea
- Aids in general digestion problems
- Breaks down food , absorbs nutrients and fights off "unfriendly" organisms that might cause diseases

Green Plums :
- Delicious , fleshy and succulent plums that are low in calories
- Contains no saturated fats
- Contains numerous health-promoting compounds such as minerals and vitamins
- Regulate the functioning of the digestive system and thereby relieve constipation conditions

Lotus Leaf Extract :
- Slows the absoption of fat and carbohydrates
- Increases energy expenditure and accelerates lipid metabolism
- Prevents the increase of body weight
- Aids in digestion
- Contsins powerful antioxidants that assist with weight loss and cardiovascular health

Advice from seller :
- Take 1 piece of Detox Plum and drink 300ml of water after consumed .
- Effects depend on individual , but would be roughly 3 - 4 hours after consumption . Hence , prevent taking it at night as it may wake you up in the night to detox .
- If it's your first time taking it , do not worry if you have discomfort . It is normal due to the hardened waste on your intestinal wall that the plum is helping you to clear :)
- Do not consume if you're allergic to any of the ingredients .
- Do not consume if you're breastfeeding / pregnant .

My personal experience :
I'm like most of you that are reading this extremely long post now , looking for something simple that can help aid in weight loss . I found the Detox Plum / Prune when one of my customers asked me to help her purchase it . I decided to order a few boxes for myself , and I gave one box of Plum to Lovely Items today . She reviewed that it actually worked , so I decided to try the Detox Prune to make sure both of the items are safe for consumption . I ate the Prune at 5.30pm ; and went to the washroom at 9.30pm , exact 4 hours later . I'm not sure whether it works , but it seems alright to me :) I've asked permission to resell it , and it has been granted .

DETOX PLUM ( 7 pieces per box ) - $10 meetup / $11 mailed
DETOX PRUNE ( 6 pieces per box ) - $10 meetup / $11 mailed

- If you are unsure whether you have allergic reactions , please do not buy it ; I'm not held responsible .
- If you have any enquiry , you can ask me on Facebook - Gerwyn's Sevenths


1) Should I buy the Detox Plum or Detox Prune ?
I didn't upload the details for the Detox Prune as it is very similar to the Detox Plum . The only difference is because the Detox Plum does not work for some people , so there is the Detox Prune . However , both of them works :)
2) Can Muslims eat this ?
The product is made in Fujian , China as well as Xiamen , China . I've enquired the seller about this , and they said that it is safe for consumption as it's a fruit . However , if you're worried as there is no halal sign ; I advise you not to buy it :)

3) Must I eat this everyday ?
I don't think you'd need to , but it is recommended :) However , do take note that you should eat it 4 hours before the time you are home / free . For example , I ate it at 5.30pm as it takes roughly 3 ~ 4 hours to take effect ; and I had meetups till 8pm or so . Thus , when it took effect at 9.30pm ; I was already at home :)

4) What are the ingredients used in the products ?
I will be uploading this on Facebook !

5) Is the price considered expensive ?
From the price given by the seller ; I'm earning less than $2 per box . Do note that I would still have to pay for the shipping costs , so I'm not earning much . This price is just to allow everyone to benefit from the same product ; not for me to earn :)

xoxo ,