Thursday, 6 June 2013

ADVERTORIAL - TwinsHappiness Babies

Advertorial - TwinsHappiness Babies
The one-stop place for all things fantastic .

It's my customised KitKat for my blogshop ! So pretty isn't it ?
This blogshop owner sells many other items as well , take a look below :)

 Drawstring Bags for various occasions ;
Get them for birthdays !
 Gift Packs ;
Can't make up your mind ? Bundle them together !
 KitKat ;
Love my Kitkat ? Customise yours too !
Mentos ;
The sweet everyone loves .

 Honey Tube ;
For the healthier choice :D

Others ;
Baby Bottle of Candies
Mineral Bottle
Gift Bags
Party Labels
Cupcake Toppers
What are you waiting for ? You can order for weddings , birthdays , baby showers and even blogshops ;D She does customisation for the artwork as well !
Contact her at :
- I apologise for the small images , something's wrong with my Blogger -