Friday, 3 May 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #9 - Perfect One , Perfect Relationship ?

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #9
Perfect One , Perfect Relationship .

Since nobody's perfect , there is no perfect one .
However , there is someone perfect for you .

And I think , I might have found mine .
Even if he's not the perfect one , he's close enough for me .

Nobody can judge your relationship , and don't let anyone do so .
So what if there are height difference ? So what if there is an age gap ?
Some of our parents have age gaps too , they may differ in height too ; yet , they still love each other and had you , didn't they ?

Just because two people are different , doesn't mean they can't be in love .
I love him , for who he is , even if he's not mine .

I can't say our relationship is perfect , cause there are many ups and downs lately .
I can't say we are the perfect couple , cause nobody is perfect .
I can't say we will be together forever , but I'm willing to try .

What I can say is ; I love him .
And , I can see a future with him .
Judge me if you want ; just keep your comments to yourself .
This love wouldn't be perfect , but at least it's real .

We can prepare and get ready for our future , but you will never know what the future holds .
I'm prepared to be his girl forever , and we're preparing for the future .

Nobody can say our love isn't true , even if we had distractions along the way .
It made our love even stronger ; it made us even closer .

As I've mentioned before , I have many sides of me ; but the true me , is when I'm with him .
Not only does he put up with my childish-ness , he plays along too .
He does things for me he had never done for any of his previous girls .
He makes me feel like he loves being with me ; that's enough .