Monday, 27 May 2013



I will be doing pledge cards for New Hope Community Services , an organisation that provides shelter for various groups of people ; I would like to appeal to everyone that is reading this to do your part to help them out . Even $1 would mean a lot to the people there , so I hope you would be able to spare a thought for them as well

I'm currently looking to help them in the foll
owing ways :
- Donations through Pledge Card
- Food Contributions * ( canned food, biscuits, 3-in-1 Coffee, packet noodles etc )
* Currently asking whether they still need help with food rations

Therefore , on my part , I would be saving some of my money to buy some food for them . I would also be donating some amount to them . Thus , I would like to ask for your help to either :

- Donate a small amount
- Donate some food items ( Still not confirmed whether they need )

You can either bank transfer / deposit the money to me , or meetup with me ( CCK / Yewtee ONLY ) to pass me the items / money . Please PM me ( on Facebook ) / email me if you would like to contribute / if you have further questions . For more details of New Hope Community Services , you can go to :

xoxo ,