Saturday, 25 May 2013

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #11 - My Heart .

Through Gerwyn's Eyes #11
My Heart .
I've decided to blog about .. My heart . Haha T.T

Sometimes , I do things out of my own accord ; which I then look back and wonder why I did it in the first place . Some people simply says " You're too kind . "

Just some examples , sorry for taking screenshots from chats :P

Sometimes I wonder , why am I sometimes too kind / caring ?
Perhaps , it's because my heart went through too much .
I know the pain of being rejected when you're asking someone to buy things .
I know the pain of being ignored by people just because of some silly mistake .
I know the pain of betrayal when someone close decides to backstab you .
I know the pain of having nobody to buy your items when you need money really badly .
I know the pain of never having anyone around when your heart is breaking .
I know the pain of being alone even though people thinks you're a happy couple .
I know the pain of never hearing compliments from people .
Maybe these made me ..
Buy things whenever people ask me to if it's within my means .
Always care about someone even if that person hates me .
Remember that people may still leave no matter how you behave .
Try my best to help to clear their items despite being in a financial situation myself .
Be by anyone's side and make sure I'm not the person that breaks anyone's heart .
Make my boyfriend feel loved and hope that he will understand someday .
Compliment anyone I see regardless of who they are .
I've been hurt by so many people , that I've decided to be nice . However , sometimes it hurts when :
People decides to back out on me .
Customers doubt my creditability .
Nobody tries to understand my situation .
Everyone thinks I'm having a happy life with my boyfriend .
Nobody wants to help me clear my items despite all the free gifts and cheap prices .
Insults and rumours about me are all over the place .
I'm just trying to be nice and make everyone feel better and perhaps , a little happier .