Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mini Confession #19 - Time to CHANGE .

Mini Confession #19
Time to CHANGE .
I confess that .. It's time for me to change .
And I , want the readers ( if there is any ) , to be the witness ( and probably reminder ) to this .
Firstly , I've gotten rid of those dietary foods / supplements that I used to take . In fact , I've decided that I need to change .
These days , I've been putting on weight . I've dropped my weight from 61kg to 53kg previously , and now I'm back up to 56kg . OOPS ! Haha , I promise I'll work hard to drop them back down again .
Thus , I've decided to start clean eating ( my own way ) & doing exercises .
For the rest of this post , I'll share what exactly clean eating is supposed to be ; and my plans so far !
As what the phrase states , it just means : Eat clean . Getting rid of processed foods , fast foods , preserved foods & foods drowned-in-sugar . This includes getting rid of : Soft drinks , processed ham , fast food , and basically , any unhealthy food .

The list above is a mini-list , but yeah .. So , how am I going to try to eat clean ?
This actually started from a blogshop that I knew , and she has an Instagram account ( @fightfeatfit ) dedicated to it ! I tried to eat clean previously , and after a while ( about a week ? ) I gave up :X
But now , I'm going to make it more long-term for myself .
My plans :
I'll be going to NTUC weekly / once per 2 weeks to buy some produce . Buying yoghurt , milk , fresh fruits , whole-grain bread , fruit juices , salmon , nuts , chicken etcetc .. Food costs a lot when you try to get things that are healthier , but it's worth it .
I can't buy everything organic and all ; but I'll eat healthily ! :> I know the following are not considered clean / healthy eating .. But I just want to upload them :X I aim to hit 50kg by December ; but probably the minimum would be 52 ? Time to get things right !
Soyabean Pudding with Strawberries & Honey Glaze
Strawberries with HL Milk & Fitnesse Cereal

Soyabean Pudding with Strawberries & Honey Glaze

Have been eating many strawberries because they are on sale in NTUC now ; or else my mum wouldn't buy them for me >< Hehe , I'll do my own Chicken Victoria ( from Swensens originally ) soon & post it up ! If I ever have recipes for clean eating / healthy eating or any updates ; I'll blog about them too !
Before I end this , I'll promise that I'll start eating healthily & exercise to get my desired body :X

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