Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ask Me Anything #1 - Are you happy with yourself?

Ask Me Anything #1
Are you happy with yourself ?

New section ! I have so many sections T.T In this section , I'll be answering some questions that I've searched / been requested to blog about that will let you know more about me :) I've prepared 14 questions at hand already , but feel free to ask me anything that you want me to blog about !

Question of the Day : Are you happy with yourself ?

Random picture , will try to blog with more photos from now !
Answer : To be honest , I'm happy but I'm not .
I'm happy with myself . 
Firstly , I've dropped a few kilograms as compared to the past years . From that , I've gained self-confidence and eventually changed myself . For the better or worse , I changed . I used to wear my PE attire everywhere I go , but now I wear tanks / bustiers / bralets / highwaist etc . In short , I've broke out of my old shell .
Secondly , I've managed my own blogshop for over 4 years . From Primary 5 till now ( probably 5 years ago ) , I've been handling blogshops . I've collaborated with a few of my friends before , but those ended up failing . We also had some quarrels , which soured our friendships . Thus , I decided to start up my own blogshop . From these blogshops , I've met many amazing friends ; and also learnt to deal with some troublesome customers ><
Next , I've done things I never thought I would . By this , I mean things like voluntary activities and giving items away . I've done many CIP activities from helping out at sports events to doing flag day ; I've even made a trip down to SPCA . I've given many of my items away that I would've just thrown away previously .
However , at the same time , I'm not .
As a teenage girl , I'm getting self-conscious . With that , comes being unsatisfied with myself . Constantly thinking why I'm not a UK6 , why I can't seem to slim down that much .. The way I look starts to affect me .

Similarly , I have many negative thoughts ; to the extent that I've gotten Bipolar Disorder ( manic depression ) . Everything became so fragile in my life , it seemed as though the world is against me ; every visual I see looks as though it's criticising me . My health got affected , things around me started to change drastically .

Also , I don't like myself because I can never seem to be resilient . One very good example is that .. I'm always telling myself " I have to eat clean , have to exercise " . I'll go to sleep with the alarm set at 7am ; and the next day , I'll shut the alarm giving myself all sorts of excuses . <- This is going to be changed !

To sum up : I think that everyone is unhappy about something with themselves . It doesn't matter how many things you're unhappy with , be it your looks / body / personality ; it just matters whether you're true to yourself & being who you are . I don't think you should care about how others judge you , or try to make others happy ; because you have to be at " peace " with yourself , or you'll drive your life down the wrong road .

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