Friday, 1 November 2013

Ask Me Anything #2 - What are you looking forward to?

Ask Me Anything #2
What are you looking forward to ?
Second entry of this Section ! I'm really bored these days , so I think I'll blog a little more ~ Anyways , do read on !
Question of the Day : What are you looking Forward to ?
Answer : I'm looking forward to many new things !
Firstly , my blogshop .
Right now , EVERYTHING ( I mean it ! ) that I have left is pending . Be it the items that I'm selling or the items I'm giving away , they have all been cleared & pending to the respective people ~ So , what's next ? I've the items for my launch on its way to Singapore ! I'm sorry if I disappoint you , but these items are STRICTLY collected by POSTAGE because I'll be working & I really don't want to do meetups anymore . Nothing would be above $10 ( I'll try to make that inclusive of postage alright ? ) and I won't make a profit of more than $2 per item ! ( you can request for screenshots of the payments made if you want to verify this ~ )

Secondly , my wardrobe change .
If you still don't know by now , I've cleared my entire wardrobe except for 2 tanks , 1 highwaist & 1 bralet . Other than that , I only have my pyjamas as well as school attire . Hence , I've been doing a lot of hauling ( in fact , I do it daily ! ) for clothes ; and the first batch is about to arrive to me within 2 hours ~ I'll be sure to blog about them & the links so that you can get them too ! Also , one of the reasons why I'm changing my wardrobe is because I want a fresh wardrobe for Polytechnic :X
Next , new experiences .
In view of the months of break to come , I'll be getting a job really soon . This probably means less time to blog / meetup / settle blogshop issues / socialise .. However , I'm getting a job ( hopefully my resumes would work magic ) to get me experience ; as well as income so that I can afford some things that would be coming my way ! For example , I'll be changing my hair colour straight after O level results have been released .. XD
New year , new me ?
As I've stated above , I'll be changing myself ( again ) for the better ( or worse ? ) . New hair colour , new style , new clothes , new bag , new pencilcase .. Everything would be new . Except friends of course , friends will stay with me ! Also , I'm TRYING to get a new body shape ( OMG I just devoured bread that my cousin baked ) and hopefully I can look better !
Oh and , I have a week-long break with my boyfriend coming up !
From the 12th ~ 18th of November , I may MIA for a little while as I'll be with my boyfriend because he is getting a RARE ( literally , he never takes any day off unless he's sick but that's still very rare ) WEEK off from work ! It's time I spend some time with him , hehe :X Don't worry , I'll be taking many photos and all ( even if you don't want me to post any , I still will ) XD I currently have a photo taken from 17th October of my new bikini set ; and I'm trying to change my body for a before&after shot !
I'm looking forward to December too !
The month where we celebrate Christmas ? It's my mum's birthday month too .. I'm planning to share costs with my boyfriend to get her a handbag , so it's time to save save save ! SHH , she shall not know .
Giveaway ~
For now , I have a giveaway for The Paper Stone journal planner ongoing now ; and I'll be adding my 150cm teddybear soon after it ends ! Also , I've seen probably over 70 people joining the journal giveaway so far , and it's ridiculous to snatch for one journal like that . So , I'll be getting more items from The Paper Stone from the balance in my membership card just to give them away ! For people that has yet to join the giveaway for the journal , click on the link below and go join it now ~ All you have to do is like the photo & comment " Done ! " , you don't even have to share it . That's easy , right ?

Link -> Giveaway ( click on the word Giveaway ! )
Click on the link above to join ! For people in Singapore only ><

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