Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mini Confession #21 - Imperfections .

Mini Confession #21
Imperfections .
Have you ever search high and low ,
looking for that one person ?
That one person that would love you ,
as much as you do .
That one person that would cherish you ,
more than anything else in the world .

That one person that means the whole world to you ,
and you just want to be part of their world .
That one person who you think about night and day ,
especially when you're falling apart .
That one person who makes your heart pound ,
and gives you butterflies in your stomach .
Has it ever seem that sometimes ,
that person will never feel the same way about you .
Has it ever seem that sometimes ,
that person is right in front of you ; yet you could never express yourself .
It hurts so bad . To be screaming inside yet smiling on the outside . To be fixing everyone else yet breaking your own heart . To be with someone you love yet knowing they may never love you back .
What if , the problem actually lies in me ?
" You're just a replacement for everyone else .
Some easy girl that can be made used of .
Some foolish girl that believes in sweet talks .
You're just a girl that would never be loved .
For who you are .
For what you love .
For where you belong .
You're just a game to others .
Never to be truly loved .
Never to be appreciated .
You're just a girl that will never be loved by the person you love . "

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